We believe that if each person reaches those around them with the gospel then we are on our way to reaching the world for Christ. 

God Glorifying:  

Laying our lives down at the feet of the Lord so that who He is shines through who we are 

(Rom. 12:1-2). 


Every believer in our assembly is primarily a Worshipper first and foremost. Worship is a lifestyle to be lived, and not a once a week occurrence. It is our goal that all of our teaching, preaching, evangelism, fellowship, prayer, and everyday living be fixated on experiencing and displaying the Awesomeness of our God, because mankind’s deepest longings are fulfilled only in the glory of God.  



God Fearing

Being constantly sensitive to the biblical character and authority of God in everyday life (Prov. 1:7; Ecclesiastes 12:13). 


In both the Old and New Testament, believers had an inner conviction not to dishonor their heavenly Father or grieve His heart in any way. Yet when they failed, they turned back to the Lord with resolve to forsake sin. This posture in scripture is the source of all true wisdom and blessings in this life and the life to come. Our prayer is to produce God-fearing disciples through God-fearing ministries, and be a church that



Gospel Preaching

Telling it like it is about Christ from Genesis to Revelation resulting in transformation (Rom. 1:16) 


The gospel is the power that saves, and transforms the believer. Our ambition is to have every sermon, lesson, fellowship, prayer session, and outreach anchored in the finished work of Christ and the hope of His return. Every ministry from the cradle to the grave will have Christ’s power at the center, so that our faith may not rest in ourselves or men, but in God. 



Great Commission Keeping

Reproducing passionate followers of Christ in our backyard and beyond (Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). 


Participating in God’s mission to redeem mankind is our greatest priority. We will do so through evangelism/outreach, church planting, and overseas missions. Every saint whether an evangelist or not will use their talents, treasures, and time to reconcile sinners. We will do so in culturally relevant and biblically sound ways in our communities and cross-culturally.



Great Commandment Living

Reflecting God’s love back to Himself and to one another through sincere servant hood.  (Matt. 22:37-40)


None of the other “G’s” work if not done in sincere love for the Lord and our neighbor. We desire to be a place of genuine love for the Lord, one another, and the lost. 


We desire to be a place where people are loved for who they are, encouraged where they are, and challenged to be who God has called them to be no matter how broken they are. We want to be a place where we worship God with more than our lips and love others with more than mere talk.